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Cigar Rollers For Hire

Cigar Rollers For Hire
 cigar rollers for hire


                                                                                               The Bobalu Story
Experience the excitement of having cigar rollers at your next event! These well traveled, Cuban & Dominican-trained cigar  rollers will hand roll cigars, while entertaining your guests or customers with all aspects of the cigar making process. Best part is our cigar rollers travel anywhere in the United States. If you would like to see our Cuban cigar rollers in action click here to see our “LIVE” cigar roller cam https://www.bobalu.com/cigar-roller-services/cigar-roller-cam-live.htmlNote: The cigar rollers will start from "scratch" Not just applying the outside wrapper leaf like our competition. You will witness the entire cigar rolling process from start to finish. To top off this unique presentation, the cigar roller’s final product is an inspiring blend of Cuban seed, Dominican grown, long leaf filler, molded into various ring gauges and lengths of your choice.We can also customize your cigars with your name, logo, or event  FREE!CIGAR ROLLERS GREAT FOR:                                                               *Corporate events *Hospitality suites *Trade Shows *Golf tournaments *Weddings *Bachelor parties *Parties                                                                                      *In-Store promotions *Retirements *Cigar nights  *Conventions *Sporting eventsCall or Email Jeff Lipton for quote and information toll free 1-888-33-CIGAR cigar rollers for hire 1-888-33-CIGAR